Welome to OWLLIGHT…

The space between dawn and dusk where inspiration breathes.


I wear my anger as a mask Letting myself drown behind it Is easier than admitting I am growing numb Growing used to the disappointment The pain Abandonment The mask is easier to bear


My toes cling to the edge. Gravel crumbling away Bit by bit. I know it will give out Sooner, rather than later. The abyss calling out my name Will swallow me whole. I know this I know But I can’t take that step back It’s easier here On the ledge Easier to breathe Easier to…

Falling Into You

Falling into you Was like falling into a snow pile The familiar crunch The cold at my back The sun on my face Bundled in so many layers I didn’t know if I’d make it back to my feet And a part of me Never wanted to get up again

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