I was never alone.

In the navy hues of night.

In the storm before the light.

I was never alone.

When things were broken.

And affections went unspoken.

I was never alone.

In my heart I carried you.

That’s how I knew,

I was never alone.


All I ever wanted was to be a good mother.  That is the first thing I remember ever wanting in my life.  When as children we played house on the playground I always wanted to be the mom.  Usually I ended up playing the dog… but at least I could pretend that I had puppies.

I always felt a presence in my life.  Something tied to my soul.  It never tugged at me.  It was simply there.  Guiding me.

The day became pregnant with my daughter I knew it.  I felt a wave of peace rush over me.  Everything felt so right.

Of course, then the worrying began.  I’m sure I will remain worried about her till the day I die.  That’s my job as a mother.

It will be difficult but I mustn’t let my worrying hinder her living.  I have to remind myself that someday she will be grown.  Too big for me to carry her in my arms.  But, I know I will always carry her in my heart.

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