I’ve read a lot of micro-fiction in the past. Maybe it’s called flash fiction? I’m not 100% sure on that. It’s those 2 sentence horror stories that were popular for a while. Even have a TV show about them.

Thinking that those might be a good way for me to get better at writing. Trying to put together something that is fully formed, in a small space. Also may help me post more. The shorter the story, the more likely I am to finish it.

I have the hardest time finishing stories. I can start a story any day. I could start plenty of stories in a day. I can know how each of these stories end, in great detail. It;s just sitting through the middle bit that gets me. I become self critical. Doubt every word I’m putting to paper.

Hopefully micro-fiction can help me get a boost of confidence. The satisfaction of seeing something through beginning to end. With that I can move on to longer stories. Maybe even flesh out some of the micro ones into something I can sink my teeth into better.