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Smoke pours like water from her eyes.

Trailing ashes down her cheeks.

Tracing angry ripples down her throat.

Nuzzling into the hollow of her chest.

From her lungs, fire sighs.

Spitting forth as she speaks.

A piercing note.

Settling in the beating beneath his breast.

Whispered invocations fall from his lips.

Dead leaves rattling in the wind.

Crumbling beneath her talon feet.

As her leather wings envelope him.

From her poison goblet he sips.

Choosing to believe it was he who sinned.

Falling back into her heat.

Bending to her every whim.

Midnight stains his eye.

Her burgundy kiss paints his cheek.

She’s left her mark around his throat.

Burned her name into his chest.

To her he belongs.