I hear the creaking of its spine
as it crawls bent and broken down the hall.
Nails scraping tile.
The heavy thud
growing louder,
as it comes closer.

I hear it breathing at the door.
The wet rattle of death,
and the putrid stench boiling within.
It’s fingers tap
at my door.
A voice slithering in through the crack by the floor.

I hear it call my name again and again.
Each hiss more frantic then the last.
Begging me, pleading with me
Demanding me, “let me in”
“Let me in”
I lay shaking in my bed.
Mouth agape, a scream rattling through my head.

The door begins to quake
The knob starts to turn
Metal screeching in protest
Oh God, make it stop
Make it stop
Silence fills the night
Hushed by a pale ray of light

The door slowly glides open
spilling the soft glow
I stare into the fog

Yellow eyes glare back

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