Steering north, ere long she goes.
Keeping pace with the river flow.
Steadily, steadily, she rows.
Born wild with a heart on fire.
Glowing bright for all to admire.
All the while, she clung to the wire.
Steadily, steadily, she flies.
Starring steadfast with wide eyes.
At the waves as they start to rise.
Hair flung loose in the growing storm.
Thunderheads above begin to form.
In the darkness she did transform.
Her spine cracked and bowed.
Her pale skin began to erode.
Steadily, steadily, she rowed.
In the shadows she did find her place.
As deep lines marred her face,
and ice did her heart encase.
Falling into the deep frost.
She paved her own path at a great cost.
Steadily, steadily, to the end she was lost.

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