I love you in dawn’s light.
Just after the fading of the night.

When your eyes blink open slowly,
and that smile spreads slightly.

When you pull me closer into your embrace,
and my heart begins to race.

When we refuse to leave the covers,
and roll around like young lovers.

Then again at the fading of the light,
I love you in the depths of night.

Author’s Note:
I have always believed in the fantasy of love. Growing up on Princess movies tends to have that effect on some. I just knew my prince charming was out there, ready to sweep me off my feet.

In middle school and high school I had a few boyfriends. Really nice guys. I was very lucky that I never had a crazy ex. They were all gentlemen, never pressuring me. Never questioning why I couldn’t seem to move from the holding hands phase, to a simple chaste kiss.

Yes, I went into college having never been kissed. A lot of people do. College brought a wider selection of people to date. There was plenty of flirting, but no one ever felt right. So, I went on a dating hiatus.

Of course, I met my now husband a week after that. He was cute, tall, and funny. I fell for him on the spot.

Funny thing is, I didn’t want to meet him at first. A mutual friend of ours said she had someone she wanted to meet. I said no thank you. Then had the sudden rush. A sudden change of mind. I said okay. She threw us at each other with the oh so subtle phrase, “Here, you’re both tall.”

The rest was history.

Let me tell you this. He is no prince charming. He’s stubborn. He swears. And he is a bit of a butt. He’s my butt though. I love how stubborn he is. Matching my stubbornness with his own. Speaking out against things, that I never had the voice to speak up against.

I love this man with all that I am. I love him when times are good. I love him when times are rough. In dawn’s light, in depths of night.