The rain permeates everything it touches.
It soaks through my sweater, and undershirt.
Clinging uncomfortably to my skin.

Determination settles in.
Warming my blood.
Spurring me forward.

The rain beats my brow.
Feet squelching in the mud.
I don’t know when I lost my shoes.

Fear starts to creep up my spine.
What if I don’t make it.
What if I’m too late.

The rain roars around me.
Deafening all inner thoughts.
I just need to keep moving.

Stumbling, I fall to the side.
Cold, so cold.
I need to get up.

Get up..
Get up..

I heard her voice again.
Calling through the rain.
Desperation soaked.

It’s been five years since she left.
In the dark of night.
In the heart of the storm.

I should have stopped her.
I thought she’d come back.
Well, I wasn’t wrong.

Not long after they found her body.
She came back to me.
Lips blue and smiling.

She lay herself upon my bed.
Water pooling around her,
darkening my sheets.

Curling around her small shaking frame.
I feel a cold shiver run through me
I don’t want to get up

Get up..
Get up..