We Four of Light

We are the wild girls,

Howling in the night.

Our laughter stirs the wind.

We are the obscene women,

Who won’t be silenced.

Bound to our own hearts desire.

We are the mothers of the dawn,

Our wombs laden with the sun.

Growing with every sunrise.

We are the daughters of the night,

Birthed in darkness.

Our silver spears poised to fight.

We are the mid-day feast,

Our blood sustaining the horde.

Till we are drained and weary.

We are the witches in the forest,

Hated by men in their high towers.

How they long to burn us from within.

Our veins are rooted in stone.

No wave can tear us down.

Their fear cannot break us.

We four of light,

Are made of something greater.