There is a string inside.
Intertwined with ribs,
wrapped around organs.

An end slips out,
just below the collar bone.
Tautly stretched.

It reaches for the lake.
Feet falter for a moment,
Stumbling towards the edge.

Toes dipping into the icy water.
The tide ebbing back,
and flowing forth.

The chill seeps between each toe.
Glass-like water ripples around ankles,
as the water rises.

The string pulls harder,
quickening the pace.
The lake gives with each step.

The water laps at the back of curved knees.
A gentle tickling sensation reaching up the thigh.
The string pulls more.

Winding wind lifts tangled hair,
caressing a long neck.
Pushing forward.

Water hugging rounded hips.
Kissing a bare waist.
Enveloping the chests soft rise and fall.

Pale lips slip beneath the surface.
Then a curved nose.
Midnight colored eyes disappearing below.

Smooth stones beneath feet.
Glint of scales as fish pass by.
An endless expanse of greens and blues.

Still moving.
The string calls farther,

Hands float up, pearl dusted bones.
Held together with red thread.
and remnants of flesh.

Threads grow from the fingertips.
Joining the guiding string.
Sinking down into the floor.

Exhaustion settles in.
Shoulders, heavy.
Knees buckling.

The skeleton curls up on its side.
Letting the vibrant tendrils leave,
back to their home below.

What’s left of its mouth smiles
at the warmth of sunlight.
A beam reaching from above.

Bones rattle as they are slowly washed away.
The flow of water sighs,
as it welcomes it’s child home.

There is a string inside.
Tugging me down the path.
Shining through a break in the trees.

I can see the water