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I can see the lights

Fluttering across the sky

In them I feel your warmth

In them I feel your smile

Your soul intertwined in the eerie hues

I press my hand to the ice above

A forlorn cry gurgling past my lips

Can you hear me?

Author’s Note:

Do you ever feel like you are trapped behind a wall of ice? You scream, and no one hears you. No one sees you. All they see is the ice.

They call you cold. Distant. Shrewd. Prude.

They can’t find your warmth through the ice.

I know I built this barrier myself. I know that I need to tear it down.

Can I?

Do I even want to?

I want to be stronger for my daughter. I know it comes with getting through this wall. Letting her in. Letting everything in. I feel like every time I take a chisel to it, knock out a peice. Something cracks, and it’s not the wall.

I’m afraid if I try to hard I’ll shatter myself.