I can still hear your voices trailing through the floorboards.

I can still close my eyes and become that child curled up on my bed.

You shouted things I should never have heard

You screamed things I will never forget

Children are like clay

They are molded by you

They are molded like you

It took a hammer to make me better

Now that I am a parent I will do better

Author’s Note:

Growing up in a world where adults say the most vile things to each other can leave lasting damage on children.  Those of you who have lived with this in your household will understand just how much it poisons you.

So, I want to bring awareness to this.  What you say matters.  Your children will hear you.  Every single thing you say, even if you think they are not listening, even if you think they are not old enough to understand.

We can take this and turn it into something else.

Teach them progress doesn’t come from hate.

So, when we disagree, my husband and I talk.  His thoughts. My thoughts.  His feelings.  My feelings.  Is it easy?  Not always.  But it will get easier.  We want our daughter to learn what it means for a married couple to talk.