Hand poised to wave,

as you enter the room.

Or so I thought.

It lays limp on the table.


Lips stretch,

into a warm inviting smile.

Or so I thought.

Curved down at the corners.


Standing to greet you,

as you approach the table.

Or so I thought.

Legs locked at the knees,


Eyes move to yours,

Swimming in their depths.

Or so I thought.

Transfixed on the cloth.


I clear my throat,

wanting your attention.

Or so I thought.

No sound breaks the air.


Lost in the sounds,

I ask you what song is playing.

Or so I thought.

My lips never move.


Seated I wait,

for you to turn and see.

Or so I thought.

Suddenly on my feet.


Tripping away from the table,

my hand lands on your chair.

Or so I thought.

The heat radiates from your shoulder.


Stumbling over my words,

I apologize.

Or so I thought.

“Dance with me,”


Fear blossoms within,

bringing a blush to my cheeks.

Or so I thought.

Excitement bubbles up.


You smile and take my hand,

Removing it from your shoulder.

Or so I thought.

You lead me to the floor.


I am adorned in white.

He is clad in black.

I know,

This is the beginning of forever.


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