I approach anger,

reach out my hand.

“It’s okay today.”

I speak.

“Today you can come out.”

Anger stirs,

but refuses to wake from its slumber.

I approach fear,

Shoving a hand forward,

I beckon.

“Today we can make a deal.”

Voice echoing.

“Just for today.”

Fear flutters,

then stills.

I approach love,

my old friend.

Arms wide open,

smiling with all I’m worth.

“It’s just us today.”

The smile hurts my cheeks.

“Today, please just us.”

Love smiles politely,

a forlorn glance.

I approach sadness,

Offering my wrists.

I speak not.

Preparing for the cold,

the shackles as they lock.

Sadness doesn’t come.

Just a faint rattle of chains,

far off in the distance.

I approach the darkness,

where all emotions lie.

Wordlessly I scream into the void.

There is only silence.

Today I have time to feel,

but there is nothing there.