Hope dangles, feather light and pure.

Precariously strung on a fine thread of gold.

Weak and malleable, it bends and screams.

Easily swayed, it dances on the breeze.

Fear perches on the hands that hold.

Quivering, in an obsidian shroud.

Burning strongly, its heat unyielding.

Flesh gives way to bone.

The Devourer has come.

Hope flashes,

Bright and daunting.

Fear clashes,

Dark and haunting.

The Devouring has begun.

Lightning cuts amethyst skies.

Chasing shadows in the fathomless night.

Clouds roll over, unburdening their load.

Rumbling through the ground, thunder is born.

Souls merge through fingers entwined.

Beating steady, under translucent chests.

Whisper softly in foreign tongues.

Deeply rooted, they face the storm.

The Devourer has come.

Lightning flashing,

Pulses and lusts

Souls clashing,

Recoils and rusts

The Devouring has begun.