Can you hear the horn calling?

My armor is dull and faded.

The once pristine surface,

Now marred with dents and slashes of scarlett.

I’ve flown above the pain now.

I can’t tell you if the flag holds my colors, or theirs.

At this point I am beyond caring.

Can you hear the horn calling?

It’s sounding for me.

I feel its hum in my bones.

The tune settling into the marrow.

Shaking me at my core.

Soon I will succumb to it’s call.

Ride once more into the glory of dawn.

When I get home, will you be there?

I can hear the horn calling.

It’s closer now than ever before.

I see you now, my dear.

Clocked in robes of night.

Your shadow once more by my side.

You take me into your arms.

My name falling from your lips.

Can you hear it too?