I watched you sip your coffee

From my favorite spot in the cafe

Your red lips

Leaving a stain on the rim

The world grew so quiet

So still

I watched the rise and fall of your chest

Could hear the air whistling through your nose

Feel the puff of your laugh

As you smile into your book


Old school

Like me

You take another sip of your coffee

I follow the movement

As you swallow it.

My eyes catch at the silver chain around your throat

In that moment I knew how it would end

A date

A dance

A kiss goodnight

Then darkness

My hand

Your throat

That necklace

My trophy

It all comes in flashes

I blink them away


You pack up your book

Stand to leave

I let you go

I like the coffee here

It would be a shame to have to find a new place

I let you go