You are the monster

The one I see when I close my eyes

Your mouth dripping

With the innocence of your victims

You come to my door

Seeking forgiveness

Does my silence leave a bitter taste on your tongue?

I hope it does

I hope you know

Every locked door you are led to

It was my hand that turned the key

It’s not vengeance

You are not worth the effort

This is defiance

This is a breaking of chains

A break from trauma

Carved into our bodies generation by generation

For her, for her, I will set the world on fire

Her body will not be carved by your eyes, your touch, your voice

And when the shadows grip you tight

I pray you see my face

And feel how utterly alone you are

I am what you created

I am the monster

You will see when you close your eyes

Know that these teeth were sharpened

Just for you

See me

Fear me

Author’s Note:

This month I have focused on the theme of horror. It’s only fitting with Halloween just around the corner. This poem was motivated by the true horror that plagues the lives of many. Not the horror that resides in shadows, in myths and legends. But the horror that waits at our very own door. The horror that walks our Halls. This poem is about breaking generational trauma. Putting an end to what would drive us to seek solace in nightmares. Because, at least from nightmares we can wake up.