A collection of short and flash fiction

The Day I Was Lost To the Woods … A Short Story

I’d walked the trail many times before.  It was straight, paved, and let out at a small park.  Once at the park I would stop for a drink at the water fountain, then make my way back the way I had come from.  It was a short walk down the trail.  Not even five minutes.…

After the Accident … A Short Story

What happened after the accident.  That is why you are here, right?  Well, I guess we better get started then.  It was cold.  As it usually is in the suburbs near Chicago.  I don’t remember the exact date.  Just that it was a Monday in January.  One month after I had purchased the royal blue…

Where the Daisies Come to Die

“Is this where the daisies come to die?” She asked. I almost didn’t recognise her. That golden sunlight once so prevalent now the murky yellow of a sweat stained t shirt. I used to get drunk on those eyes. Now I look away. Cowering from their bloodshot rim and the glaze of rot. Taking up…


“Words on a screen hold all the power I need,” he said to the world.  The world listened. Author’s Note: It amazes me how much words on a screen matter. How many opinions are formed, and walls constructed on words alone. I know I’m not the first to be struck by the power of written…

Smelled a little too sweet, something akin to rotten meat.

She held me close and whispered sweet words in my ear.  Those rose colored words warmed my heart, but did nothing to cover the stench of the grave on her breath. Author’s Note: I’ve always loved the imagery of beauty and darkness. You will see this reflected in a lot of what I write. Thank…

The Becoming

Bones twisting and clacking.  The sickening squelch as muscle pulled and snapped.  There was no fear of what I was becoming.  I just pray it is better than I was. Author’s Note: Change has been something I’ve struggled with. A few years ago I saw myself changing into someone I didn’t like. I was angry,…

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