Fields of Lupine

I dream of you In fields of lupine Your hair unbound Long as it was in youth The warm oak strands Dancing in the sea of soft purples and blues I dream of you there Where the only sound is your voice Laughing with the wind through the birch trees My heart breaks anew And…


The stench of it slithers in Sliding beneath the door Hissing Sinking fangs Piercing bones A new scar for the collection Next time I’ll remember to cover the crack

The Calm and the Storm

You are my calm sea I am your stormy waves You bring me glassy clarity I bring you fire Bursting through the darkness One will always chase the other The calm before the storm Or the still silence that follows

The Dead

Please don’t fear the dead anymore Hear the hollows in their cries Know that they are lonely Just like you and me Please don’t hide away anymore I can’t live in the ashes without you Know that I will always follow you Just leave me an open door Please don’t be afraid anymore This grave…


The thin string is pulled taught Your wooden smile creaks in protest The light doesn’t hit your eyes the same anymore Where gold once pooled A fog has settled Still you grin As if I wasn’t there the first time the smile fell from your lips Ashes falling to the floor Staining the carpet I…


It has begun to fray beneath my fingers The thin thread binding me To the memory of who I wanted you to be My eyes burn the whisps that pull from it My heart shaking in my chest I know that if I look up Lift my gaze to follow the thread I’ll find your…

On Dreams and Hallucinations

Sometimes In the feather clad hours of midnight I hear your voice Crackling in the static A note Melodically floating to me Reaching through my lavender dreams When I wake to this darkened nest I forget for a moment That you are gone


Some say that I am beautiful I suppose if you’ve waited for me all this time My face comes with a sense of relief Some claim I am an adventure A tale to be conquered Others fear me And fight against my hand But am nothing more than what I am A name A moment…

Your love

You love in words made of pins and needles Holding my hand over the flame, I told you I love you too It’s hard to know when you are drowning When you were born with your head under water


She kept her sorrows In pockets of shadows Out of sight You screamed And raged In the night I was left with no other choice But to burn Become a beacon of light My light may not be pure It may be flawed I will not give in to the night Or keep our voice…


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