As the Moon Rises

I hear your call A song from the depths of the sea Your voice Twisted and cold Sings to the part of me I never wanted to see The very part of me That always belonged to you And your call That carries on the wings of shadows As the moon rises


Your blood stains my teeth Slipping slowly down my chin I warned you All I ever wanted Was your heart

Lost in the Moment

I am falling again Wind winding cold fingers through my hair Placing feather light kisses to my cheeks Warm breath at my ear The grip the fall has on me Runs deep Talons clawing at my sternum Howling in my lungs I am falling again Lost in the moment Caught up in the memory Of …


In the still quiet air When the navy dipped night is still young I think about that old watch The one that once hung heavy from my neck How it would catch on anything On everything I wonder if I had ever taken the time To put in batteries Would I have enjoyed the ticking …

Her Smile

She has a smile That will linger in your soul Long after she is gone She has a smile That stays Even in the fading of the light She has a smile That will haunt you Forever For always

I Don’t Mind

I don’t mind the turning of the trees The way the limbs bend with their burden Singing with the wind I don’t mind the way time is taking me The white hairs that hide among the gold Each line that stretches across my face Reminds me of you I see you in the folds by …


I can’t seem to shake The ringing in my ears It feels like Somewhere Far away Or maybe deep inside Someone Some Thing Is screaming Screaming to get out And it won’t rest Till it has it’s claws At my throat


I saw the nails Before I saw you held the hammer Should have seen this coming Your love It always did Come with thorns And conditions


It’s the simplest things That crack the shell Letting the mess leak out A humming bird Looking through the window Right at me And I think about telling you Forgetting for a moment You are already gone The crack spiderwebs My shell breaks open And the mess falls to the floor


Soft fur beneath my cheek Warm thudding heart, Tickling my ear I sniffle against the itch Blink rapidly To combat my eyes watering The discomfort is worth it A moment snuggled up With man’s best friend Author’s Note: Anyone know of any good allergy meds that can be taken daily? I just want to snuggle …


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