You are stronger than me It’s in the way your every movement Moves me Sways me Guiding me forward A gentle hand holding me back You could climb mountains With a steady breath You are stronger When all else falters Remember You are stronger

Shallow Grave

Night cooled black top Littered with pebbles Bits of metal Discarded trash Each step eats away at my feet Each bloodied footstep Getting me one step closer Cars pass by The air current shifts off them Tugging at the hem of my long frayed dress Disappearing from sight Not even a flash of red from…

If Only

I could follow you to the edge of the world Hold your hand as we stare down into the abyss We could find our eternity there In the starless night Falling into the melody of the shadows Let them lull us to that endless sleep Where there is only You and I Me and you…


A thin gossamer veil draped over the furniture Pressing me into the arm chair Cold tendrils constricting around me Pulling the air from my lungs Each miniscule movement I manage Only serves to push me deeper into the cushion I’m sure one day it will consume me I’ll slip between the folds of the fabric…


You called it a home The peeling yellow paint Something cosmetic An easy fix All I saw were the barred windows And sinking foundation You loved the natural light Filtering through leaded glass I coughed through the heavy scent of mold Of decay You saw safety Security I saw the vessel of our ruin When…

The Mirror

A simple silver frosted surface Tarnished at the edges Covered by years of neglect Yet her smile still comes through Through the dirt and the dust Through the spiderwebs of cracks Grinning back at me The viper smiles


I wear my anger as a mask Letting myself drown behind it Is easier than admitting I am growing numb Growing used to the disappointment The pain Abandonment The mask is easier to bear


My toes cling to the edge. Gravel crumbling away Bit by bit. I know it will give out Sooner, rather than later. The abyss calling out my name Will swallow me whole. I know this I know But I can’t take that step back It’s easier here On the ledge Easier to breathe Easier to…

Falling Into You

Falling into you Was like falling into a snow pile The familiar crunch The cold at my back The sun on my face Bundled in so many layers I didn’t know if I’d make it back to my feet And a part of me Never wanted to get up again


I like to think that some day the earth will stop spinning The children on the streets Birds in the sky Everything will freeze And I’ll finally catch my breath See the world for the light The good Instead of searching for storm clouds


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